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Core Deliverables (licensed by a minimum of an entire township)

1) Lease Take-Off Book and Database (current leases >= 13 acres).  Includes:

  • all lessor's name and address
  • acres
  • section(s)
  • current lessees (for all strata)
  • date of lease
  • volume and page for most current lease(s)
  • assignments
  • expired leases
  • canceled leases
  • lease free properties

2) Hardcopy map of current deep rights holders color coded by lessee

3) GIS compatible files of leases in database (ArcGIS shapefile or geodatabase)

4) List of all current day unleased parcels containing owner name, address, acreage, parcel number, etc.

* Custom products are available upon request and are negotiated separately in addition to the licensing of the Lease Map Ohio core product.

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